While I was scrolling through Instagram this week, I came across a post that took me back. (image attached)

Up to know I wonder whether the person behind that post knows about the dangers of  having multiple sexual partners. 

Personally, I hold my temple in high esteem, and I don’t allow any man to “know” me, more so most of these Kampala men who have no interest in serious relationships but only hit and run.

Most people get defensive when questioned on why they have multiple partners, “it is my body, I do with it what I want.” for some ladies, it’s because they need financial support and get it from five men whom they have to  pay back through sex. There are so many reasons why many people have multiple sexual partners but what is clear is , when you engage in sex, 1 or all of these 3 things will happen.

You will  enjoy it, get pregnant, contract an STD.

Some people feel like having Having multiple partners is not the issue, but having unsafe sex is, though for me both are an issue. it is so difficult to have many sexual partners and have safe sex with all of them. Partners are different. There are those who want to use condoms ,then there are those who want to go live as an umeme wire. Then those  who take personal hygiene seriously, they shower, smell and look good, then there are those who you have to force to enter the bathroom. They are like cats that don’t like water. Because people are different and no one person was made like the other, when you are sleeping with multiple partners, you have to also deal with their multiple personalities, habits  and characters.

Also you cant love all of them the same, so their could be one you really love and is willing to have unprotected sex with, and just because you had a negative HIV test with him or her ( In 2018 yet we are in 2022) muanange some people reason like that ; you think that it is safe to have unprotected sex.

Personally, I prioritise my health and having multiple partners obviously increases your chances of contracting any Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), a lot of which there are no cures for.

Since we are adults and matre, we should act and reason like adults. Let us not make grave mistalses becuase of 5 minute enjoyment, remember that Unprotected vaginal or anal sex puts you at risk of contracting HIV and other STIs.During unprotected sex, HIV can be transmitted via bodily fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid, pre-cum or anal mucus.

There is a higher risk of HIV infection during anal sex because the lining of the anus is more delicate than the lining of the vagina. It is more easily damaged, providing entry points for HIV. The risk of HIV transmission during unprotected oral sex is very low, but there is a risk of STIs. Using condoms is the most effective way to prevent the transmission of HIV and STIs. People living with HIV are more likely to pass the virus on to others in the first few months after infection as there are high levels of the virus in their bodily fluids at this point.

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