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I don’t know about you but I would die first before ever trying to date a Nigerian. Ehhhhh more so
Nigerian in Uganda. Before the first date, this guy asked me what I would order on the date, red flag, I
told him that I would order a glass of sweet red wine and chicken and salads. Then he requested I travel to his home area instead of meeting in a more convenient place in town. Cheap, cheap, cheap. This guy is
very cheap. I don’t even know why I wasted my time with him. Honestly I have been single for a year
now and I thought I was missing something, but I tell you, I am missing nothing. Dating in Kampala is
the worst. People lie to each other, married men are sleeping with other married women, women no
longer care if they are side chicks, Infact they don’t hide it anymore, Campusers are continuing to have
live sex, and that “so called post abortion care hospital.” is actually carrying out several abortions in

Banange, will I ever meet Mr. right, oba I should be a convent and become a Nun. but now me and my
ka-vibrator, won’t I be sinning against Mother Mary. But she would have to understand, at least ko for her
she had a boo, Joseph, but me am single and miserable. Am tired of being single, am tired, tired, tired. I
even want to scream.

The way this month of October is so rainy and cold, my bed cannot warm me at all. Are there any serious men in Kampala, really oba all of them just want a woman with Nyash? I remember a friend who told me a joke nti a guy asked, if you had two women to choose from, one who is beautiful but lazy, then one who is hardworking but ugly, who would you choose?” He said the one with Nyash. Hmmmmmmm nti that body part has a life of its own.

Kati, now me who doesn’t have Nyash, what should I do. Eh eh eh wait, I know of shops in town where they sell fake butts, maybe I should buy one. Infact, yes, yes, yes, let me go to Wilson road, I know some
woman who sells them, time to get some Nyash. Atee me don’t judge me banange.


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