As the world gabbles with the rapid spread of COVID19, health personnel are worried about whether health centres in rural communities in their districts and villages will be able to handle cases of COVID19.

On the 17th April 2020 during a live talk show by Wizarts Foundation under Our Parliament project’ on Radio Pacis Fm in Gulu district on topic “Health Response on Corona Virus”, Otim Richard Ajalia, the officer-in-charge of Oroko Health Centre II, in Palaro Sub County Gulu, raised concern about the state and readiness of the health centre amidst the pandemic. His concern was that the health centre is ill-equipped to handle any COVID 19 cases should any case emerge from the contacts within communities.

“We are worried because we also serve the residents of Lamwo district and they are coming in big number,” says Otim.

Luckily for Oroko health centre, Gulu district health officials immediately equipped the centre with the necessary medical equipment when the matter was raised by the health centre board chairman Mr Oloya Benson.

According to Gulu district health officer, the issue was brought to the attention of the district.

“When that issue was raised by the in-charge of Oroko Health Centre, we had to respond very fast because the health centre serves Lamwo district residents too and the district also borders South Sudan,” said DHO Yoweri.

He says they had thought of giving one brand new motorcycle, allocated to himself, to Oroko health centre but realized that there was the need to facilitate a record keeper based in Angaya Health Centre II because he is in charge of collecting COVID 19 report for the whole of Gulu district.

Odong Nelson Mandela the Local Councillor one of Oroko village says the community was initially scared but when the in-charge of Oroko health centre raised the matter on radio Pacis Gulu and district leadership responded very fast, they gained confidence. He says the district has put military barracks in the area to block the people coming from Lamwo district or South Sudan.

The Vice-Chairperson LCI Oroko village Acayo Christine said Our Parliament Radio should also tackle issues regarding COVID19 and Maternal Health because pregnant women are suffering and dying in big number.

The LCI of Acut Omer who had gone to the HC for medication said a woman died at 3 am at his area at Tergot Health Centre II because medical personnel had refused to attend to her for fear that they were not well equipped to handle the night patients during COVID19.

Other people present were Acayo Christine, Vice-Chairperson LCI Oroko village, Odong Simon Peter Village Chief and two other village chiefs Olok Bscoand Ajim Jimmy Rwot.

Written By Samson Okwakol.

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