Let’s try out moon beads:

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So far my  natural family planning method has been “guess work.” I don’t know if there are other women that can relate but I  cannot predict my menstrual cycle. My periods always find me in a state of shock, after a week of fasting and prayer begging God that he should save me from becoming a single mother. But once I see the blood, it is like I totally forget the abstinence covenant I have made with myself. 

My weaknesses are good looking men ,you know those with shiny big beads you would think are smeared with olive oil.

This week, I met one, at my gym and I have decided to try the moon bead method.  I am checking him out and he is checking me out, we are both checking each other out. I am thinking when it escalates, these moon beads will come to my rescue. My only challenge so far is I don’t know how they work.

I know I should just read the instructions, and I have ,they say;

Moon Beads are a string of coloured beads that can help a woman know her fertile days

There are 32 beads of different colours, which represent a woman’s  menstrual cycle. Each bead is a day of the cycle. There is a black rubber ring and a cylinder with an arrow. The arrow shows the direction to move the ring, the red bead marks the first day of your period, the glow-in-the dark green beads mark the day you can get pregnant, all brown beads mark the days you are least likely to conceive and the dark brown bead helps you know if your cycle is shorter than 26 days.

The day you get your period, move the ring to the red bead. Mark that day on your calendar. Move the rings every day.

Now that is where problem number one comes, I am very forgetful, how will I be able to remember to move the beads everyday? Maybe I should wear it as a necklace, that way I won’t forget. But what if I come across a guy who actually knows what it is, and he can see according to the beads that are in my fertile month, that is garnering attraction I don’t need at the moment.  

This method only applies to women with cycles between 26 and 32 days and that is where the second problem comes in, I don’t know how long my cycle is. It is really embarrassing how I know how long every episode of desperate Housewives is , but I don’t know how long my cycle is. Well judge me if you want, some things ask too much from my cow milk fed brain. Wish me luck, hope these beads don’t let me down. 

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