Of late, there has been an increase in criminality especially at night, following the withdraw of the LDU personnel. This is according to the army spokesperson, Brig.Flavia Byekwaso.

Brig. Byekwaso said, “Severally, local leaders and the general public have petitioned security leaders to re-engage them in order to contain the situation. Following in-depth consultations with security stakeholders, we have agreed that LDU’s who have undergone and completed their training resume operations only at night in support of the Uganda Police Force and to curtail criminal activities.” (https://nilepost.co.ug/2020/08/11/ldus-resume-operations-after- completing-refresher-course/)

It was also noted that based on past events, LDU’s have been accused of conducting self- initiated operations in which they robbed members of the public. However, according to the army spokesperson, with support from the Uganda Police Force, the newly set up team of LDU’s will now participate in intelligence led operations on specific targets on request.

“Members of the Local Defense Force shall not participate in daytime enforcement of Covid-19 directives outlined by the Ministry of Health and the Head of State.” (https://nilepost.co.ug/2020/08/11/ldus-resume-operations-after-completing-refresher-course/)

A number of leaders had also petitioned to the army, to return the LDU personnel into operations, based on the increased levels of crimes in the various parts of Kampala, especially in wee hours of the night.

With the LDU team returning to the roads, the army spokeperson has also requested the members of the public to work hand in hand with them, so as to help fight the high levels of crimes that are being committed.


After several incidents of human rights abuses by the LDU personnel, a total number of 10 Local Defense Unit battalions were taken back to the field for a refresher course training, for two weeks, at Kakiri military barracks.

There were a number of incidents in which the personnel were involved in especially during this lock down, based on the outbreak of the deadly corona virus. Some of these incidents involved shooting, robbery, torture and unlawful arrest of members of the public, hence leading to increased complaints.

In one of the latest incidents, the LDU personnel is seen assaulting the Mityana district LC5 chairperson, Joseph Luzige, as he tried to intervene in an incident, where a lady had been brutalized by the same LDU personnel in Mityana town.

However, we are glad to say that the LDU team have undergone retraining in political education, civil policing, human rights, law and the role of media in military operations among others during their sessions of training that were conducted by the UPDF and the Uganda Police instructors.


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