About Wizarts Foundation

Wizarts Foundation is a not for profit organization that has existed since 2013 reaching out to communities through communications for development and behavior change. We work to improve livelihoods, impart knowledge and awareness of the environment in the social, economic and political areas of Uganda and we transmit these through Radio, Television and social media.

The foundation primarily conducts its work through grants from partner organizations with similar goals, and that goal is broadly bringing about positive change in the social, political, and economic condition of Uganda by empowering ordinary Ugandans at the grass roots.

Communication is a vital tool in shaping people’s attitudes, in opening people’s minds, in getting peoples voices heard, in influencing people’s behavior, and in facilitating the exchange of ideas.


The radio and television programs written and produced by Wizarts Foundation do this, in varying degrees, always with the objective of a positive outcome.
We work with a network of more than 100 radio stations and 5 television stations across Uganda, produce our content in various local languages; and we work in multimedia formats to reach out to as wide an audience as we can.
We know the power of media as a tool for influencing change and so we seek to transform the use and understanding of media with an aim of impacting lives and the society positively.
We have produced programs like “Our Parliament”, a weekly magazine discussing issues that transpire in the Parliament of Uganda with an aim of holding leaders accountable. This magazine is broadcast on a weekly basis on over 50 radio stations country wide. We have also produced programs like Superwoman under the DREAMS Innovation Challenge program where secondary school girls from 12 schools in Gulu and Gomba districts produced 259 radio magazine episodes about their aspirations and encouraging each other to stay in school longer.
The content we produce is produced mainly in English and five major/ widely spoken local languages of Uganda which are Luganda, Lumasaba, Ateso, Luo and Runyakitara. However, we have the ability to produce in more languages.

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